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protocols and their knowledge helps in increasing the score in AZ-104:Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam. Process of storage involves the creation of the storage account, storage services, location setting and pricing. Secure authentication and encryption is important for storing data in Azure. Interface used to access the storage includes PowerShell. Rules are used to write the storage policies. Object is used as an extension [url=https://dumpsboss.com/microsoft-exam/az-104/]AZ-104 Dumps[/url] of the storage account. View allows the users to view the resources of storage. Demonstrate the procedures for listing, creating and deleting the files and directories. Real Time Compression is used for compressing the data in the real time. Hard disk is used for storing the data. Connect to a storage account, create a container and upload data. Lifecycle policies are used for managing the data in Azure. Kubernetes is a container orchestrator which helps in simple deployment and management of containerized applications. Team of developers and IT professionals work together to create and manage the cluster.AZ-104 Dumps The Best way to prepare for AZ-104 Exam Microsoft AZ-104 exam is not at all easy for learners who are not prepared well for it. Pricing of the storage is based on the ' https://dumpsboss.com/microsoft-exam/az-104/