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How to improve memory while studying

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    18 December 2021
    Chain technology

    Try to create a short story or sentence that includes the information you need to learn. Thus, it will better be deposited in your head, and you can more easily remember it later. With this “Chain Technique” you can memorize anything from the order of the planets in the solar system to the names of Czechoslovak presidents or elements in the periodic table.

    Speak out loud

    Statistics show that a person is 50 percent more likely to recall what he said aloud before. Therefore, try to find a quiet place to study, where no one will disturb you, and start reading the exam material. But first, practice what you want to say on the sheet. By writing an essay with paper writer you can have a good speech. The exact same principle works when you are trying to explain material to someone else. When you say something out loud, you, just like the listener, remember everything that you say. It helps a lot to sort out your own thoughts and put them on the shelves.


    It has been proven that texts written in certain fonts are easier to remember than others. A good type can also be a good essay. By taking advantage of https://bidforwriting.com/essay-help you will be able to do it effectively. This way you can effectively memorize what you wrote about. The most memorable typeface is the classic Times New Roman. Comic Sans may sound like fun, but you will learn a little from reading text with this font.

    Take regular breaks

    When your brain is working, taking regular breaks helps it remember more information.At the same time, they also make your concentration easier and increase your motivation to work. Everyone needs differently long and differently frequent breaks. But ideally, you need to observe at least five-minute pauses after an hour of class. Especially when you write a lot of written work, you can unload your brain by using do my assignment which helps a lot in this. Thus, you will unload your brain from writing an essay.


    Meditation is a kind of relaxation, but at the same time, preparation for learning. This will help you better cope with stress during the exam and will also improve your ability to concentrate. It is useful both from a psychological point of view and from a physical one. If you do not know how to do this, then try downloading the meditation app for your mobile device, which will help you get started with meditation at the beginner level.