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70+ Mind-Blowing topics for Cause and Effect Essay Writing

  • 9 Jun
    This task of write essay for me can be tough but the first step for choosing a good topic is even more confusing. You must choose a suitable topic for this purpose and ensure that the causes, effects, or both are outlined properly. If you are not sure which topic to pick then here are 70 mind-blowing topics to choose from. Read all these carefully and then decide.

    1. IQ can be improved by playing video games

    2. One can improve communication skills through social media

    3. Social media promotes generation gap

    4. Injuries due to traffic accidents can be reduced by promoting bicycling

    5. Distrust in relationships is caused to long-distance

    6. The feminist movement empowers women

    7. The attitude of parents causes rivalry between siblings

    8. An inferiority complex makes some women repeatedly get into destructive relationships

    9. Racism is promoted by the lack of diversity

    10. The low literacy rate is a factor to discrimination

    11. Excessive intake of fast food is the main reason for obesity

    12. Lack of awareness causes fear of vaccination

    13. Exercise can reduce the risk of a heart attack

    14. The natural greenhouse effect is caused by water vapors

    15. Increasing global temperature leads to the prevalence of a number of diseases

    16. Mental abuse is the cause of the degeneration of society

    17. Food shortage can be caused by excessive use of pests

    18. Fish species are on verge of extinction due to rise in sea temperature

    19. Floods around the world are caused by melting glaciers in Antarctica

    20. Disasters can be prevented by accurate weather forecasts

    21. Greenhouse effect Coal-fired power stations

    22. Inadequate attention from the parents can lead to poor academic results of children

    23. The digestive system can be harmed by emotional eating

    24. Lack of moral support causes bulimia

    25. Risk of lung diseases can be caused due to ozone in the air

    26. Heart attack risk is aggravated by the high blood pressure

    27. Social media has formed write my essay expectations in society

    28. Causes of lack of interest in physical sports in teenagers

    29. Joint problems can be caused due to obesity

    30. Lack of communication can cause misunderstandings

    31. Bias is created among the public due to social media

    32. Learning a foreign language enhances memory

    33. The native language is influential on how one learns a foreign language

    34. Brand image is influenced by the type of advertising used

    35. Learning a new language increases the cognitive ability

    When picking a topic, remember to choose one which is relevant to your course. If you have not found a perfect topic yet here are some more Cause and Effect Essay Topics for you to choose from essay writing service. You can also research a little beforehand to make sure that you understand a topic you are finalizing.

    1. Solid waste is caused majorly due to throw-away culture

    2. Reality shows encourage the audience to try dangerous acts

    3. Cramming does not improve the learning capabilities

    4. A good book can change how one thinks

    5. Cognitive ability is influenced by Insomnia

    6. Stronger peer relations are formed through sports

    7. Exercising regularly helps reduce stress

    8. Stress can be reduced by exercising daily

    9. Sports help students develop leadership skills

    10. Causes of social changes over the last decade

    11. Effect of employment rate on health quality

    12. Gamification of education develops an interest in learning

    13. Alzheimer’s can be prevented by learning a new language

    14. Employment prospects can be improved by learning diverse skill sets.

    15. Increased smartphone use can decline in sleep quality

    16. Stress level is increased due to multitasking regularly

    17. A healthy lifestyle can improve the focusing ability

    18. Teenager smoke due to peer pressure

    19. Teenagers get involved in delinquencies because of violent video games

    20. Keeping a pet can improve mental health

    21. Eating unhealthy food is the biggest cause of child health issues

    22. Creative homework can help to improve the grade

    23. Productivity at work can be improved by working out regularly

    24. Reading books improves the memory

    25. Public speaking boosts confidence

    26. Eating greens can improve immunity system

    27. Lung cancer can be caused due to second-hand smoking

    28. The extremely strict school environment can provoke students to break laws

    29. Effects of WWI and WWII on the world today

    30. Causes of racial prejudice

    31. Impact of religion on modern society

    32. What caused the feminism movement?

    33. Impact of smoking on the blood vessels

    34. Effects of AHDH on academic grades

    35. Causes of lack of motivation

    You can also choose one and modify according to your liking. The aim of this type of write my essay for me is to judge your skills in investigating the causes and effects of a particular event. You must also know how to analyze what caused a specific topic or what were the outcomes.

    If you are not familiar with how to do that then it is important you go through some samples of the type of essay and then look for a topic. It will make it easier for you to choose a topic as you will get some ideas. You will also be familiarized with the components and structure of the essay. From this practice, you may be even able to compose a topic of your own which interests you. One important thing is that you choose a topic which interests you to write on. If you are not able to choose such a topic then you will not be able to develop the interest of your audience.

    After you choose a topic, understand the structure and format of the write my paper. Then you are required to do research, and then create an outline. The outline will help to organize the essay better and make the process of forming the draft much easier.

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