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Rolex replica watches

  • 20 December 2021
    Since its launch in 2018, the current stainless steel watches of the Rolex GMT-Master II series have been exclusively used for the brand’s exquisite multi-chain Jubilee bracelet. With the return of the three-ring Oyster strap to the iconic "Pepsi" and "Batman" GMT-Master II, the brand not only adds more tool-oriented sports styles to the series, but also adds another to GMT- Layer selection. Master II buyer. Both bracelet styles will be available on the stainless steel GMT-Master II model, which should be a win-win. Owners of platinum GMT-Master II “Pepsi” may have different opinions on this news replica watches uk. However, since stainless steel buyers can now choose to refer to 127610BLRO, after years of exclusive platinum combination, it looks almost the same as the precious metal model.

    Except for the new bracelet options, these GMT-Master II models with Oyster are the same as the current models. This includes a 40mm stainless steel case made of the brand’s Oystersteel alloy, a 100-meter water resistance rating, a ceramic bezel in black and blue or blue and red, and the brand’s iconic Cyclops date magnifier. The dial is a purely classic Rolex sports watch with a blend of the brand's iconic Mercedes hands and the applied diver's index. As in previous iterations, these models are powered by the 3285 automatic GMT movement manufactured by Rolex.

    Although there are few details at this time, the brand's decision to sell bracelets to consumers is a notable shift. Traditionally, Rolex only sells bracelets attached to watches, not independently. For example, owners of the current GMT-Master II equipped with Jubilee can purchase an Oyster bracelet for the watch without having to purchase a second GMT-Master II, which is undoubtedly good news for Rolex owners. That said, as of press time, the brand has not released pricing or availability information about this new approach.

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