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MPSC Syllabus

  • 23 November 2021
    Knowledge of a comprehensive curriculum prior to preparing for competitive exams is required to complete and further study/practice previous MPSC preparation for the full curriculum. The two documents are 200 points each and take two hours to complete. Therefore, here is the MPSC Preliminary Examination Program diagram for your reference in the table below mpsc syllabus in marathi
    Once one is familiar with the MPSC curriculum, one should be aware of the appropriate books that cover the above curriculum. Some of the recommended pre-exam books for MPSC are as follows:
    The exams for Marathi and English are 100 points each and last for three and one hour. All other general study achievements include 150 points each with a duration of two hours per exam. The following table summarizes the curriculum for the MPSC Master exam.
    Candidates who pass the MPSC exam will then be asked to take an interview test for the desired relevant position. This is to check the suitability of the applicant for the position. Applicants must be thorough with ongoing cases both domestically and abroad. The mental and analytical qualities of the candidate are also tested.